Who is Ian Fischer?

Ian Fischer is a multiple award winning film director, producer, screenwriter and instructor.

His short films, Magritte Moment, Foet, Lightride, and music videos have been screened at over 100 film festivals.

As a member of the Directors and Actors Workshop in New York City, Fischer was one of nine directors chosen to become part of "The Wonder Project". This feature-length collaborative film, is a series of nine short films that are the result of what happens when a director is given lines of dialogue and then told to create a unique story using all of the lines and also incorporating the word "wonder" into the film's title. Fischer's contribution is called "The Wonder of See-Saws".

Fischer's next films include a feature documentary about comic-book artist Steve Rude is called RUDE DUDE.

And a feature documentary on America's Love Affair with Superheroes called SUPERHERO NATION.

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