TITLE: Superhero Nation trailer

SUMMARY: The Trailer for Superhero Nation. This film explores the love affair America has with Superheroes and what it says about our country.

TITLE: Magritte Moment

SUMMARY: Frustrated Painter Trevor searches for his muse and finds her with the help of Rene Magritte's surreal visions.


SUMMARY: Pro-Life Housewife Denise falls in love with the latest fashion trend in Manhattan: Purses made out of fetal skin!

TITLE: Wonder of See-Saws

SUMMARY: Part of the feature film Wonder... (9 short films based off of the same dialogue). For more information of the feature: http://wonderprojectmovie.com.

TITLE: Rude Dude Trailer

SUMMARY: The Steve"The Dude" Rude" documentary trailer

TITLE: Time and Place

SUMMARY: A short film done as a demonstration for film students.